FireHorse (firehorse) wrote in cooking,

scaling down cooking time

Is there a good formula for how to figure out cooking time if, instead of making one large thing, you're making many small things?

Example: I made schadenfreude pie yesterday. I don't like it but my husband loves it, so instead of making single large pie, I made a whole raft (seriously, 15, I think) of the commercial 3" small pies. The large pie cooks for 40-50 minutes, so I put the small pies in for 20 minutes.

They boiled over, and soaked through the graham crust. Plus, they now have the consistency of caramel (sticky, chewy) which means to me that they cooked too long.

I've done this successfully with key lime and lemon meringue pies, plus assorted fruit pies (apple, peach), so I know it can be done, but is there a way to guesstimate a reasonable amount of cooking time that doesn't involve poking the pie every 5 minutes?
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