rollinsgirl (rollinsgirl) wrote in cooking,

Non-Dairy Ideas

Hi all! So it has been suggested by my doctor that I try to do a dairy free diet for a while. I kinda thought that was no problem until I looked through my recipes and found dairy in 90% of them. Wow! Need new recipes!!!

I have a chicken stir fry that I am doing tonight, I have some ideas for tacos/fajitas, also have lots of non-dairy salmon recipes but we don't tend to eat a lot of salmon on the weekdays. I can also do spaghetti with marinara. I don't eat beef, but I eat everything else and we are not very picky. I don't mind putting almond milk in a recipe, but please no fake cheese... Yuk!

thanks in advance!
Tags: help: how to, help: tips and tricks, help: what to make, vegan
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