ajb92504 (ajb92504) wrote in cooking,

on-the-go/easily reheated meals?

Our daughter has swimming lessons in the evenings starting next Monday that will go for 2 weeks. Class time is an hour after I get off work, and we live 20 miles away, so running home for supper is not feasible. We will have access to a fridge and microwave at DH's workplace, where we will likely hang out for that hour to eat.
What are some options for meals for those 2 weeks? The things I thought of are sandwiches, and making a batch of hotdish that can be reheated... what else? I have a feeling those options will get boring quickly. I'll have to do most of the cooking on the weekends because we won't get home until around 8:30 each night.
No dietary restrictions, other than I'm watching calorie intake for weight loss, so mostly healthy options are a plus. Also I don't care for fish/seafood (although DH and DD like it.) Budget-friendly is good too.
Tags: search: cheap meals, search: food-on-the-go
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