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Ukrainian style pork roast

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This is very popular and very simple way of cooking a pork roast in Ukraine and not just Ukraine, but Russia and Belarus as well.

The sweetness of natural pork here is being complimented by sweetness of a carrot and aroma of garlic.

So, that is all you need for the roast
Pork on a bone ( I prefer fat shoulder, but any fat part will do)
Few cloves of garlic
1 medium carrot
Salt and black pepper

The pork itself should be on a fat side. The fat will melt down and give flavor to everything, plus I cook the roast to a higher temperature and longer, so the fat roast will be moist.

All you do is :

Cut the carrot and garlic in small pieces

Make slits on the side of the pork and stuff every slit with piece of garlic and carrot. Plus, there will plenty of places on the roast you can put the garlic and the carrot. Any type of openings you can stuff : I put some under the fat , that will stay on and melt.

Rub nicely with salt and black pepper and just a little bit of vegetable oil.

Cook until done, I cook it to 185 F.

About 45 minute before end I add some raw sliced potatoes in the pan.


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