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2 Questions

1. I have some cooked plums which are incredibly sour. I added what seemed like tons of sugar when cooking them down, but theyre still really sour. What can I do with them?

2. Any ideas for dressings for bean salads? I'll post what I usually do under the cut, but I'm looking for a bit more inspiration.

I seem to have stumbled upon this as a dressing and it works pretty well.

Vinegar (I use balsamic)
Paprika (Sweet)
Salt & Pepper

Whisk together, adjust proportions as desired.

For the salad, I've done this in the past as a rice and bean salad with carrots/finely diced red onions/red peppers, beans (usually a white bean) and brown rice. But today I was feeling in the mood for something else, so I did it with:
-pan fried lima beans (note, I didnt follow the recipe exactly but just pan fried the beans. I'm lazy so I did it using garlic infused oil and on higher heat because waiting 10 minutes was too much time for a hungry me)
-pan fried tomatos
-red peppers (quickly tossed about in a very hot pan to take the edge off but raw is fine if you like it, or roasted would also be great)

Throw everything into a bowl, pour over the dressing and you're good to go.
Tags: fruit: plum, help: what to make, legume: lima beans, meal: side dish, salads, vegetarian
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