crimedoc1 (crimedoc1) wrote in cooking,

Looking for a grilled mozzarella recipe

I found a really interesting recipe for mozzarella on the grill.  We live in South Florida so the grill gets a lot of use and this sounded really yummy.  So I bought the mozzarella but now cannot locate my recipe!  I think my husband tossed (hopefully recycled at least but who knows) the magazine.  HELP!!!  I've been Googling madly but all I can find are recipes for fried mozzarella sticks and grilled cheese sandwiches.

As far as I remember, the recipe involved breading slices of mozzarella (maybe around 1/2 inch thick?) with I think Panko, but I can't remember what else was involved.

Anyone have a recipe for this???  I have all this lovely fresh mozzarella to use!  Okay, I obviously can use it for something else, but darn it - that grilled mozzarella sounded REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!
Tags: dairy: cheese, method: grilling, search: recipe
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