The Fussy Eater (takayanagi) wrote in cooking,
The Fussy Eater

Sausage & Egg Breakfast Wraps

I can't even remember the last time I posted here, I think its been a year! Alot has happened, I've moved(bought my own place finally!), one of my recipes was included in an online magazine thingy and I contributed a recipe to a book about Glasgow! Its been crazy and as much as I enjoyed all the attention, I'm glad things are calming down for a while.

There isn't much cooking in this recipe, its more of an assembly job than anything else. Its soooo simple and yet soooo tasty! Something a little different for Sunday breaky. You basically cook off some sausages and eggs put them in a wrap. You can put any combination of things in the wrap - bacon, beans or how about eggs n black pudding?

There's more pictures on the blog and some information as to why breakfast is important, especially if you suffer from PCOS
Tags: eggs, meat: sausage
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