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"Berry Baskets" Pastries - Корзинки (Korzynky)

Now sure about present time, but about 25 years ago you could buy this treat at every bakery department or store in Ukraine. They were about double the size compared to mine, no fresh berries, mixture of jam and grated nuts at the bottom and a mountain of whipped egg whites on top. Used to cost 22 kopijkas (small change in Ukraine). The name was "Korzynky" or "Koshychky" which is essencially "Baskets" in Ukrainian. Well, I have the commercial recipe, which I will share along with some changes we decided to make. Enjoy!
Foody Thursdays - Filled Tartlets

For the tartlets:
1 cup of sugar
3 egg yolks (save the whites)
250 gr butter

beat in a large bowl until smooth and sugar dissolved.

Add 1/2 tsp baking soda
2 cups flour

Fold into a soft dough, do not knead, do not add extra flour
Shortbread dough
Roll out on a table generously with flour. Cut out the circles. Here I just used the lid from my tartlets molds storage container
Cutting out circles
Place each circle into a tartlet mold. If using silicon ones - no need for grease. If using metal molds - brush with some sunflower oil
Use your fingers to spread the dough evenly, remove the access on egges to make them as straight as possible.
Ready to bake

Foody Thursdays - Tartlets ready for baking
Bake in a owen pre-heated to 200 C for about 15 minutes or till the edges turn golden
Foody Thursdays - Baked Tartlets

Fill them up!
As I mentioned above, commercial recipe asked for 1 tea spoon of jam (plum to be specific) and crushed walnuts mixture to go at the bottom.

We used some fresh raspberries and a bit of raspberry jam.
Filling with fruits and jam
Now, the egg whites filling is quite tricky to prepare. Commercial recipe used to use a so called "hot method" This is where you make your sugar syrop and pour it, still boiling over the egg whites previously whipped into steady peaks. This makes egg whites firmer and steadier and allows for a longer storage.

If you have no experience with sugar syrups and do not own a candy thrermometer, I would not recommend getting involved with the "hot method". Just whip 3 egg whites (saved) to steady peaks and add 1 cup of icing sugar. Yes, you will be eating eggwhites raw, so make sure you use fresh eggs from the source you trust.

If you really want to try "hot method": 1 cup of sugar + 1/4 cup water, boil till the mixture reaches 112C. Then immediately pour it over the eggs whites that you've already whipped to steady peaks.

Decorate your tartlets using a pastry bag with star nozzle.
We also slightly drizzled them with melted chocolate
Fruit Baskets

Pastries Berry Baskets

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