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Aleksandr Slyadnev

Mini burger platter (Chicken and Beef)

You can find almost everything in Hong-Kong with its diversity. There are restaurants of various nationalities, there are restaurants with beautiful sceneries opening from terraces, there are Michelin restaurants, restaurants of stars and famous people.
And in Kowloon near Tsim Sha Tsui underground station there’s hidden Charlie Brown Café that looks small outside, but is really big inside. I wish you could see, my dear reader, the excitement with which children and adults enter this restaurant. Old grandpas with grey hair say that it’s a part of many tourist routes, marked as must-see.
I was lucky to make shooting for this place. What a pleasure it was to watch small and big children – customers of my chef.
Chicken patty
90 gms ground chicken
1 egg
3.2 ml milk
2.5 gms bread crumbs
8 gms peeled shallots
0.12 gms thyme
0.08 gms parsley
A little salt, sugar and black pepper
Beef patty
90 gms ground beef
1 egg
2.6 ml milk
1.5 gms bread crumbs
10 gms chopped onion
0.5 gms garlic
0.08 gms thyme
A little salt, sugar and black pepper
10 gms mixed veggie
5 gms cherry tomato
5 gms balsamic vinegar
Potato Wedge
150 gms potato wedge
1 gm canjun powder
For the mini rolls :
2 mini rolls
2 sliced tomato
1 sliced cucumber
2 sliced lettuce
2 pcs sweet pickles
Mix the 2 patties ingredients seperately
Cook the patties under grill till both sides turned golden, then into oven for 6 min. (180F)
Split the rolls and toast the cut surfaces lightly
Spread butter on the bottom halves
Add lettuce, 1 sliced tomato, 2 pcs sweet pickles and beef patty
Add lettuce, 1 sliced tomato & cucumber, and chicken patty
Finally, the top half of the roll
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