Ice (icelore) wrote in cooking,

In need of money-saving means for the next month or two...

Hi all.

Due to some bank and payroll errors with my SOs paycheck(s), we're in a bit of a bind for cash this month and the next. We'll receive back pay for these troubles, but while we are low on cash, I'm in search of some cheep meals for the next month or two. Preferably casseroles, soups, stews, one-pots, bakes, etc. that I can make a lot of and eat leftover for a few days. Other options are welcome though!

No allergies or dietary restrictions, though suggestions that aren't completely unhealthy would be super. Or even ideas to help the standard low cost starchy pasta/potato/rice dishes be a bit more nutritious would be great!

Thanks in advance to anyone who has suggestions, I really appreciate the help. :)

ETA: I've never done much with beans or lentils, but I like both, so would be very interested in learning something to do with them! I'd like to buy some dry beans and go from there, so if you have knowledge, tips, or recipies in that department, I'd be doubly grateful.
Tags: !general questions, help: menus, help: what to make
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