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Eight Awesome Recipes from a Michelin Starred Executive Chef

Due to some relation to food, I’m suffering from extra weight. And I think, after visiting my blog that offers recipes of the world best chefs you can understand me.

To say the truth, I’m still looking for a solution of the problem how to keep myself fit. A diet? It’s boring. Sport? It’s difficult, considering the fact I travel a lot.

Eight Awesome Recipes from a Michelin Starred Executive Chef

There’s one more option: to eat tasty and healthy food. And the best places, where one can enjoy tasty food are Michelin starred restaurants. But what is to be done, if you don’t have time for this or just want to cook something by yourself? That’s why I’d like to offer one of 8 recipes from the best Michelin star chefs – participants of my Food’n’Chef project.

Are these dishes healthy? Sure they are! Since it was the main criterion of my choice.

But please note: some recipes are difficult to cook, and you’ll spend just half an hour for the other.

So, here they are:

Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Aromatic Cheese Fondue and Foie Gras

Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Aromatic Cheese Fondue and Foie Gras by Umberto BOMBANA, Chef of the 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA (3 Michelin stars) Hong Kong.

If you want something that is impossible to cook well without visiting the coolest deli in the city, without wandering through the benches with cheeses and not only – this recipe is for you. It’s also for you if in the freezer roe deer loin is waiting for its 15 minutes of fame. It by itself is a delicacy, and in combination with a dozen other ingredients – will be that culinary ghost, whose taste will be pursued for a long time and remembered when you have a regular meal again.

Recipe from Jean-Pierre Jacob: Roasted Salmon steak, carrot ginger

Roasted Salmon Steak, Carrot Ginger, Herbs Juice by 2 Michelin star Chef, Jean-Pierre Jacob, chef of “Le Bateau Ivre” restaurant (France)

Roasted salmon steak with carrot ginger and herbs juice. Three simple ingredients. This dish has beautiful colors. It’s very simple, without fat, cream, butter, because while cooking Chef Jean-Pierre Jacob always thinks about the figure of women, since he doesn’t want them to grow fat!

Recipe from Lau Yiu Fai: Poached Lobster with Bird’s Nest and

Poached Lobster with Bird’s Nest and Egg White by Lau Yiu Fai, Executive Chef of 欣圖軒 Yan Toh Heen (the 1-Michelin star Cantonese restaurant at InterContinental, Hong Kong)

The Chef is proud of this dish since their Yan Toh Heen team worked together to create it. They showcased this dish at the HKTB (Hong Kong Tourism Board) “Best of the Best” Culinary Awards in Fall 2012 and the dish won a gold medal.

It’s easy to prepare this dish at home. But there’s one condition: you should find Bird’s Nest – favourite Chinese delicates – in your town.


Squid with Fennel, Trumpets (Mushrooms), and Black Sausage by Oriol Ivern, by Oriol Ivern, Chef of the Hisop, Spain (1 Michelin Star)

The Chef has chosen this dish because it’s very typical for the Catalan cuisine to mix meat and fish and in Barcelona they call it “mar i muntanya” that means “sea and mountain”. But in this case Oriol tried to get the best from the squid and add some fresh ingredients to balance black Spanish sausage and the fennel.


Steamed Whole Fresh Crab Claw with Winter Melon by Lai Yau Tim, Chef of the Tim’s Kitchen, Hong Kong (1 Michelin Star)

Winter Melon / Wax gourd is the mysterious fruit, because exteriorly and by the taste it looks like a vegetable. It is often used in Asian cuisine, and another mystery is that it doesn’t taste like a melon or a pumpkin, but more like the most common grandma’s squash. So goes the world.

We won’t describe crab flavouring properties, because it’s a little torture to think about it without eating.

Hokkaido-Sea-Scallop-Carpaccio-Slow-Cooked-Egg-and-White-Truffle-Dressing копия

Scallop Carpaccio, Soft Cooked Egg and White Truffle Dressing by Harlan Goldstein, Chef of the Gold by Harlan Goldstein, Hong Kong (2 Michelin Star)

This dish was created for the opening of the Gold restaurant. It has now become the signature dish. The sweetness of the Hokkaido Scallop, the texture of the 52 degree slow-cooked Italian egg and the fragrant taste of the white truffle dressing just make you heart go boom boom boom.

Black and white cuttlefish by Luigi Taglienti, Chef of the Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala

Cuttlefish Black and White by Luigi Taglienti, Chef of the Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala, Italy (1 Michelin Star)

When Luigi brought me this dish, I thought: ‘Oh my God, what on Earth is this? Some kind of Italian Yin and Yang? How will I shoot this?

But this is how sees modern recipes and the result of his culinary path. And this dish is also very popular in Luigi’s restaurant. Come to Milano, enjoy this dish, you can’t but fall for it! Or you can cook it at home. Here’s its recipe :)

Ravioli filled with ricotta and lemon from Amalfi by De Berardinis Luca, Chef of the Ristorante IL MILIONE_HD_1

Ravioli filled with ricotta and lemon from Amalfi by De Berardinis Luca, Ristorante IL MILIONE (1 Michelin Star), Italy.

There’s only one reason to envy a food-photographer. No, actually two. The first reason is the fact that food-photographers do what they love. And the second reason is that a food-photographer can eat for free in Michelin-starred restaurants.

But you shouldn’t be envy at least today. Since you have an opportunity to cook this splendid dish of this great, but very modest Michelin-starred Chef De Berardinis Luca.

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