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Oven baked chicken wings with simple pesto from parsley, garlic and vinegar

The Super Bowl is today. The Chicken wings are popular item. This is one of the ways I prepare them.


Really simple

Get 10-15 chicken wings
Just bake them with salt, black pepper and vegetable oil until done and GBD ( Golden, Brown and Delicious).
By american standards I slightly overcook them, but I do it in order for them to become crispy.

The Pesto is simple: combine bunch of parsley, 1 oz of vinegar, salt and garlic in a blender or mortar and blend or mash.

The amount of garlic is up to you.

Vinegar - wine or Apple Cider - both are good for this.

Put the pesto over the wings while they are hot, this way the vinegar will go into wings better. Let it stay few minutes

The vinegar cuts the fat of the chicken wings, makes them lighter


Tags: meat: chicken, sauce: pasta, sauce: peso
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