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Microwave ideas

Hey all,

I was wondering, assuming anyone still uses livejournal ever, if anyone might have any suggestions for reasonably healthy and delicious recipes that are for the microwave, or no-cook recipes would be great too.

I'm currently living in a shared room for 3 months with only a microwave (not with oven function) and minifridge as the only kitchen amenities.

One of my roommates might be getting a hot plate, but as of right now we don't have anything. I'm only here for 3 months, and can't really transport more gadgets, and I'd really not like to spend money buying things like a slow cooker that I'd just have to dump in the end.

I don't make much money, and I'm a huge cooker and foodie normally, so the thought of living off of microwave packaged dinners for 3 months makes me kind of miserable.

I've got some reasonable sounding recipes for microwaveable desserts and breakfasts (generally involving oatmeal or eggs), but I'd really like some things I could make for lunch and dinner. Also things that can generally make just one or two portions, as we barely have any fridge space to store any leftovers.... >.<

Thanks so much!!
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