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Help! My sister has celiac disease and she's so finicky with food we don't know what to feed her!

Like, short term we are fine, she's having gluten free pasta and gluten free cookies, but she's always been super picky about food and we know this won't last forever.

This is a list of the things she WON'T eat:
- any fruit except tomato
- most vegetables (with the exception of chikpeas, corn and maybe a bit of spinach/chard or carrots), and yes, that includes garlic (I know, it's a travestry...)
- any nuts (tho we hope she'll be ok with nut flour, for her own sake...)

she loves pasta and gnocchi, so i'm looking up recipes for that kind of things, but if you can give me any cool recipes (+ advice if you have anything) we'll be very thankful!

especially somethign that's an easy chocolate cake ;A;

edit: A lot of people are asking, so I'll just paste it here:
basically, she had a lot of health problems before, especially related to her weight, and I don't want her to use this as an excuse to go back into that mindset. I'd like to find some recipes so I can learn how to make them and know the process

ps: this is not a child, this is an adult, 26year old woman, so we can't really force her to eat anything she doens't want to.
ps 2: we live in Argentina, so a lot of things like maple syrup, sourghum or certain brands don't exists here. You'd literally have to order them from out the states
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