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Are plastic ladles safe in microwaved liquids?

For various reasons I won't subject you to, I'm in the process of equipping a new kitchen. Among the basic tools I need is a proper ladle; the plastic ones I've seen claim to be safe to 400°F/200°C. I make a lot of my soups in a covered glass dish in the microwave, and I understand that a microwave is capable of superheating liquid beyond the 212°F/100°C boiling point (as discussed here.)

So can a plastic ladle--dipped into the heated liquid, not left in the dish to cook!--stand up to that, or should I spring for metal?

ETA (9/23/16): I'll admit to having been shopping at the bottom of the retail food chain, at Big Lots and Walmart; based on everyone's advice, I think I'll go with a metal ladle at the moment (although silicon could further my determination to mark my territory in teal.) Thanks for your help, everyone!

FETA (Further Edited to Add--11/13/16): I now have two steel ladles, acquired for a total $2.64 USD from an area thrift store that accumulates a lot of housewares.
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