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Pickled Radishes?

A few days ago I tried to make my first pickled anything, which were radishes because I grew far too many of them. I tried this easy recipe from Epicurious and while they were ok, they were too sweet, and not salty and sour enough for me. Does anyone have a fool-proof recipe they like for salty sour pickled stuff? Am I using the wrong kind of vinegar? I was thinking next time I'd omit the sugar altogether, increase the salt, and add some herbs (dill and bay, maybe)? Please & Thank You!

Fried Chicken livers with fresh Vidalia Onions

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You know, the Vidalia onions are so good raw. They do not have this pongee aroma of regular onions, so you can eat them as they are, just sliced with a little bit of salt.

This is a recipe from Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgarian sweet onion was similar in taste to Vidalia .
In the 1980's there was a snack bar right in the center of town, where this dish was served.

So, this is what we need for 2 people
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Need help!

Hey everyone! In the end of July I'm staying with some friends and I want to make them dinners while I'm there. However - she is lactose free, soy free, and can't have egg yolks. I'd like to make stuffed shells, but I can't find a good substitution for 'ricotta', any ideas for that?

Also - any general ideas for dinners I can make? Fish isn't well liked by them either, and I don't eat beef.

Thank you so much!!!
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Peanut Butter Cupcakes

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes - Moist Chocolate cupcakes and lots of peanut butter flavor. If you like peanut butter, you will love these! Recipe and more at The Alchemist         
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Marina Gavrylyuk - Summer 2014

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Just imagine one ginormous, cake-size chocolate candy! This is precisely what this cake is - chocolate layers, chocolate filling, home-made chocolate truffles for decorations. The biggest challenge is to find good quality chocolate. I used to use President's Choice chocolate chips before, but does not seem like they contain any cocoa powder or cocoa butter anymore. Last time I tried it - it tasted like caramel and looked like caramel while being melted. Had to toss the entire thing away and go find real chocolate....

Chocolate Truffle
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Buckwheat noodles with tender veal tenderloin, krispy vegetables, cooked in wok-pan with amazing Teriaky sauce. This dish is not only quick, easy to cook, but also very tasty. So try it!

Veal tenderloin 150 g
Yaki soba noodles 200 g
Baby corn 50 g
Baby carrots 50 g
Green beans 50 g
Ginger 10 g
Leek 30 g
Teriyaki sauce
Sesame oil 5 ml
Vegetable oil 30 ml
Tree fungus 5

Preparation: see THERE